3Juin come 3 Giugno

3Juin as 3 June

Why 3?

3 how... three sisters with three personalities that form a whole greater than the sum of its parts: like all women;

3 how... the date on which they decided to embark on this new project;

3 how... on June 3, which was the date that marked the end of the first lockdown in Italy: the country's rebirth from a dark and uncertain period;

3 like... the idea of ​​change that brings the moment when summer begins and spring has just ended;

The choice of the French language ( JUIN instead of June) is instead linked to a question of greater femininity and elegance .

A new, young and modern company with a cosmopolitan charm, which has its roots in the style, quality and values ​​of the Made in Italy.

A history of continuous innovation.

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